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Athena (Yutong Zhang)


Athena  is a famous contemporary dance artist and producer with more than 35 years dance experience. She is a famous choreographer, and Oscar winner of the dance art industry: Lotus Award.——A dream chaser in the spirit of dance art.

As the founder of the Athena Dance Academy, she always pursues a love for the spirit of art in her dictionary. “Dance is a living art, dance art is an interpretation of internal personality, artistic spirit, and quality. The artistic spirit and quality of dance are the beginning source of dance art. “—— This is her artistic spirit and the best interpretation of Athena Dance Academy

Lena Yeh



Lena Yeh has a diverse background, coming from Taiwan to the State to seek further exploration in her artistry. She got her BFA in Dance in August 2019. With her authentic background, she also has a vast knowledge of skill sets, ranging from choreography, ballet, modern, and traditional Chinese, to martial art. During school, Yuling has the honor of working with Erin Reck, Andy Noble, Dana Nicolay, Mike Esperanza, Joshua Manculich, Nicole Von Arx, and Elijah Gibson. Yuling also was invited to go to Lucca, Italy to participate in Dance Italia where she was exposed to Gaga technique, counter-technique, and Kidd Pivot Rep. She is currently actively involved in the dance community as a professional dancer with Social Movement Contemporary Dance Theater. 

Jessica Nicole Brady


Jessica began dancing at age 4, and became a competitive dancer at age 8 in the subjects of ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. She made Varsity Dance Team her freshman year of high school, in which she developed her skills in hip hop, jazz, and pom pon. Jessica was a choreographer and soloist for the dance program at the Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts her senior year. She then went on to study at Central Michigan University, where she made the Varsity Competitive Hip Hop Team her first year. Jessica began teaching dance professionally at studios in the Detroit, Michigan area at age 18. Additionally, she has coached and choreographed for competitive high school Varsity Pom & Dance teams.  Jessica now has over 10 years of experience as a dance instructor and is excited to share her passion for dance at Athena Dance Academy! 


Joe Castillo


With a dance career spanning over 15, Joe Castillo has competed and won multiple 1st place World Of Dance Championships dancing with Wyldstyl and Galing Dance Cru. From choreography to foundation freestyle, Joe has trained to become one of Houston’s current top freestylers/battle dancers appearing in videos with Brian Puspos and Phillip Chbeeb. His knowledge of musicality and fundamentals will elevate any dancer looking to become better and more well-rounded.

Lyndon Dou


Mr. Lyndon Dou trained at Liaoning Ballet school, affiliated with Liaoning Ballet of China.  After graduating with honors, he stayed with Liaoning Ballet as a Soloist. Later, he was invited to join Suzhou Ballet of China as a Soloist and rehearsal teacher for dancers.  In 2010~2014, he joined San Diego Ballet and then San Jose Ballet as Soloist. In 2014, he joined J&H Dance School in Houston as a ballet teacher.  At J&H dance school, he has been cultivating students with professional training standards, which has been well received by parents of students. In 2016, he studied RAD for one year and became a registered teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance. He completed the continuing education development and assessment every year according to the requirements of the RAD. Since 2020, he has served as the principal and ballet instructor of Star Way Dance Academy. He has trained students to obtain good results, such as YAGP Top 12 and Universal Ballet Competition UBC Platinum.

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