Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes!  ADA offers trial class to all students. Trial classes are a great way for your child to “test the waters” so to speak, by attending a class they are interested in without the commitment of registration.
For new students, we offer $22 trial class, please contact us for more information. 

Please click HERE for parent portal registration instruction

One dance season at ADA runs August – May.  We also have a summer session with camps, intensives and classes that runs June-August.

You can register online or in person at the ADA office of your choice. If you are having any issues registering please call the office and we can help you.

There is no cut-off date, per season.  However, classes tend to fill up quickly, therefore, we highly encourage you to register early to ensure a spot in your favorite classes with your choice of day, time and teacher!

While it is not mandatory to complete the entire season, it is highly encouraged in order to give your child the full dance experience. While it may be tempting to miss part or all of a semester (Fall or Spring), each semester provides very valuable knowledge and curriculum that supplements the dancer’s experience in different ways.  Consistency and repetition are a dancer’s best learning tools!

Class Levels are based upon a child’s age and previous experience.  The office staff is trained to help you find the best class option(s) to give your child the best possible chance to succeed and advance their dance training.

In order to give your child the best possible chance to succeed and advance their training, we must have their undivided attention and therefore, we do not allow parents inside the classroom each week.  We do have special windows on the doors for you to check in on them.  ADA also offers Parent Observation Weeks in the Fall and in the Spring each year, where you are invited into the classroom to watch!

Parents are not required to stay in the lobby during their child’s class, however, we do have seating for your convenience.  We strongly encourage parents of very small children to stay in the lobby or very nearby during their child’s class just in case they are needed.

Yes, there is a dress code for each class. We required all students to wear proper leotard and tights with proper shoes attire according to each class. You can purchase everything you need for class in our lobby. 

Our office personnel are specially trained to help you find the right place for your child to start.  After that, our educated and experienced teaching staff consider many factors when placing students into levels including but not limited to your child’s age, maturity, previous technical dance training and experience, current technique level, etc.

No.  We do not require any of our ADA non-company level students to participate in the Spring Recital.  However, performing is a big part of the dancer’s experience and participation in both performances is highly encouraged.

Please refer to the studio class schedule to find another class at the same level or lower that you are able to attend.  Then, contact us to schedule the date and class you want to do makeup.

Tuition is calculated with these holidays and bad weather days in mind, therefore, there will not be any adjustments to your tuition for missing these days.

Recital Fees are due by the end of February .  These fees go towards the costume, the rental of the event venue, the printing of the programs, insurance, stage, light, backdrops, payment of technician’s salaries, etc.

We try to correctly size each child for their recital costumes, but sometimes other factors come into play, i.e. the child grows, the material is not as stretchy as it appeared or fits differently than imagined, etc. Depending on the vendor, we may be able to exchange it for a better size for a $20-$30 exchange/shipping fee.  It is best to take less serious adjustments to a tailor directly.

You must withdraw in written form 30 days in advance.