ADA Dance Compay

Competition & Performance Team

The ADA is home to The ADA Dance Company. Membership to this Competition&Performance team is by audition only. Auditions will be held each year in August&October. If you have a student who is interested in being a part of The ADA Dance Company, speak to our office manager or your child’s teacher. They will let you know which classes to take in order to maximize your dancer’s opportunities to receive an invitation. 

What is “company”?

    The ADA Dance Company is a competitive dance team or/and performance team. Students who are a part of the company attend company only classes multiple days a week, weekly rehearsals as well as  workshops and master classes. They attend several competitions throughout the year, as well as a national competition at the end of the season. As a part of The ADA Dance Company, your student will maximize their potential as a dancer, and be a part of a tight knit family that offers support and encouragement. At The ADA, we have a “no dancer left behind” mindset and hold fairness, honesty, and equality in the highest regard.

The member and both parents are required to sign a contract which commits them to taking specified classes and attending specified competitions, workshops, and other events for a 12 month period, which starts in August.
The ADA Dance Company usually takes 3-4 competitions and at least one annual recital each year. All teams’ routines must be proved by studio before registering any competitions.