about us

Athena Dance Academy

As one of the founding members of the Athena Education and Arts Foundation, Athena Dance Academy establishes from the outset a tradition of innovative arts education, pursuing a pure spirit of artistry.

Athena Dance Academy is opening Spring 2020 and offers comprehensive dance programs for students of all ages and levels. Here, dedicated, enthusiastic and professional teachers hailing from all over the world—from various language and culture backgrounds— are fully committed to students’ dance training and development. Under the ownership and direction of Athena Anwar, who has thirty years of extensive dance training and performance experience, the school and staff are committed to empowering diverse students through dance and strive to support each student in their dance journey.


Our dance academy is located at Pearland Learning Center and features newly modeled classrooms. The nurturing classroom environment is designed to encourage students to become lifelong lovers of movement and dance. Under the tutelage of our teachers, all of whom graduated from professional dance schools and are still active in the performance arena, students will gain both solid training in technique and creative artistic thinking towards dance as an art form.

We are excited to have the opportunity to positively impact the community by equipping our students with the technical and artistic skills that will enable them to express themselves through dance. At the Athena Dance Academy, students will develop discipline, build self-confidence, feel a great sense of achievement, and experience the liberty that movement and imagination can bring to any dancer.