JUNE 5, 2022 @6-8PM

Annual Recital 2022

Please fill out “2022 Recital Participation Form” before November 19, 2021


Recital Date: June 5, 2022 @ 6-8PM

Location: MATCH (3400 Main Street. Houston, TX 77002)

Dress Rehearsal Date: June 5, 2022 @10AM-5PM

Recital Show Order: CLICK HERE (Agenda-TBD)

Recital Fee$125 per student(Including 2 tickets)

Second kid $110 (Including 2 tickets)  

Due with December Tuition on December 01,2021

A non-refundable recital fee of $125 per student &$110 for second kid is due with December tuition on December 01, 2021. This fee covers the cost of the recital and 2 tickets.

Costume & Props Fee: Costume &Props fee will be due December 15, 2021. Costumes are ordered in early December and range in price from $50-$90 per class per student. A student who discontinues lessons or decides not to participate in the recital is responsible for purchasing any costume ordered for them. Please refer to the studio calendar for further information concerning costume costs. Every class has different costumes for each of there dances, if you are thinking of switching a class after costumes have been ordered please speak to the teacher or office.

*Please note if you are taking several classes,  will perform each of your classes at the Recital (You are required to order different costume, but we will try to lower the costume fee)

Tickets: $20/Ticket 

Ticket purchase will be available on December 01, 2021

Grow Up with Us, and Experience more...

Tickets on Sale @December 01, 2021

Keep your eyes open for more information/Registration, Times & Dates!

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