2022 Recital

For all students & dancers, Please Sign Recital Participation Form Below before November 19, 2021

Recital Participation Form

If yes, Recital Fee($125/student including 2 tickets; $110 for second kid including 2 tickets) will be Due with December Tuition on December 01,2021 And Costume &Props fee($50-$90 per student) will be due December 15, 2021.
By signing here, you confirm your commitment to the 2022 Recital, and all mandatory dates & fees included above.
Recital fee will include 2 tickets. You can purchase extra ticket through our website between December 01,2021-April 30, 2022

Dear Parents & Students:

Athena Dance Academy gives all students and dancers an opportunity to display their dance skills in a yearly recital. It is an exciting and fun filled event when all the students have an opportunity to perform and share all they have learned.

The 2022 annual recital is on June 5, 2022 @6-8PM. Our performances are held at MATCH which located at 3400 Main Street. Houston, TX 77002.

Students will usually perform a dance for each regular weekday class in which they are enrolled and begin learning recital choreography now. All styles of dance are presented in an exciting and family friendly show with a variety of music!

All RECITAL performances are open to family members and the community. Complimentary tickets will be available at the studio or purchase online starting Feb 08, 2022.


Recital Date: June 5, 2022 @ 6-8PM

Location: MATCH (3400 Main Street. Houston, TX 77002)

Dress Rehearsal Date: June 5, 2022 @10AM-5PM

Recital Show Order: CLICK HERE (Agenda-TBD)

Recital Fee: $125 per student(Including 2 tickets) 

Second kid $110(Including 2 tickets)

Due with December Tuition on December 01,2021
Last call due at Feb 08, 2022

A non-refundable recital fee of $125 per student & $110 for second kid is due with December tuition on December 01, 2021. This fee covers the cost of the recital and 2 tickets.

Costume & Props Fee: Costume &Props fee will be due Feb,2022. Costumes are ordered in early December and range in price from $50-$90 per class per student. A student who discontinues lessons or decides not to participate in the recital is responsible for purchasing any costume ordered for them. Please refer to the studio calendar for further information concerning costume costs. Every class has different costumes for each of there dances, if you are thinking of switching a class after costumes have been ordered please speak to the teacher or office.

*Please note if you are taking several classes,  will perform each of your classes at the Recital (You are required to order different costume, but we will try to lower the costume fee)

Audience Ticket: $20/person

  • Please invite all your family and friends to attend.
  • All performing dancers don’t need to buy tickets.
  • Kids under 2 yearsdon’t need to buy tickets.
  • Audience/ Each family will be distanced and masks are require for all dancers, staff, and audience members.
  • There will no ticket for sale at the door, all ticket purchases must be completed by June 5th.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We can’t wait for the recital and look forward to seeing you there.




Athena Dance Academy